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Exploring the site of the battle fought by Australians in World War II

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About the Kokoda Track: 1942 and Today

Kokoda today on video

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  • Port Moresby Video thumbnailPlay

    Port Moresby

    "... Today, Port Moresby is a peaceful place ... With a thriving port and central business district it is nothing like it was in 1942 ..."

    The Japanese objective in 1942 - Port Moresby, as it is today.

  • Bomana Cemetery Video thumbnailPlay

    Bomana Cemetery outside Port Moresby

    "... This is the grave of Private John Allen Ferguson, of Dandenong Victoria. He was 22 years old when he was killed at Isurava on 29 August 1942 ..."

    The remains and 3779 Australians and their Allies rest at Bomana.

  • Port Moresby Video thumbnailPlay

    Brigade Hill - Mission Ridge

    "... On the night before the battle of Mission Ridge-Brigade Hill the Japanese marched along this ridge from right to left ..."

    The Australians held the high ground overlooking Efogi.

  • Port Moresby Video thumbnailPlay

    Eora Creek

    "... Over many thousands of years Eora Creek has cut a deep gorge into the Owen Stanley Range...

    From Kokoda the track follows the gorge of Eora Creek.

  • Port Moresby Video thumbnailPlay

    Myola 2

    "... Over this ridge is a sight that seems out of place 2000 metres above sea level in the midst of the rugged Owen Stanley range. It is Myola 2 ..."

    The Australians air dropped supplies at Myola 2.

  • Port Moresby Video thumbnailPlay

    Deniki to Isurava

    "... Looking south from Deniki towards Isurava, the battlefield is in part covered with low cloud, as it is on most days, and as it was in late August 1942 ..."

    The Isurava battlefield - where Bruce Kingsbury won the Victoria Cross.

  • Kokoda Airstrip Video thumbnailPlay

    Kokoda airstrip

    "... Kokoda airstrip ... is now used by trekkers arriving to walk the Kokoda track from the northern end or leaving after walking from the southern end ..."

    In 1942 Kokoda airstrip was the only viable airstrip for 100 kilometres.

  • Kokoda Monuments Video thumbnailPlay

    Monuments at Kokoda Plateau

    "... On either side are memorials to those who died. The one furthest to the right remembers the Japanese who never returned home from Papua ..."

    At Kokoda Plateau, four monuments, one of them Japanese, line the plateau edge.

  • Gona Coastline Video thumbnailPlay


    "...In the foreground is Gona Creek... and the village of Gona where, in November 1942, 900 Japanese were entrenched with their backs to the sea ..."

    Gona - the northernmost of the three Japanese entrenched positions.

  • Buna, Gona, Sanananda Video thumbnailPlay

    Sanananda and Buna

    "... Sanananda was the very centre of the Japanese base on the north coast of Papua ... the Australian second twelfth Infantry Battalion charged across this now overgrown airstrip at Buna ..."

    Sanananda - the last Japanese stronghold to fall.